Dr. Alexandra Keller

Speaker – ABnR Academy

  • Board Certified Specialist in Equine Chiropractic (A) (IAVC, IVCA)
  • Official accreditation for HD x-ray according to PennHIP (www.pennhip.org)
  • Official assessor patellar luxation (VDH)

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About Dr. Alexandra Keller

Dr. Alexandra Keller studied veterinary medicine at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, where she also received her doctorate. After several years of residency and additional training in veterinary chiropractic (IAVC), she founded the practice for veterinary medicine and chiropractic in Frankfurt/Main in 2005. Together with Dr. Wolfgang Mayrhofer, she built up a specialized practice for orthopedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation, which they have been running in new premises as the “Veterinary Orthopedics Team Frankfurt” since 2016. A team of qualified veterinarians and animal physiotherapists care for small animals and horses nationally and internationally.

Their specialty, in addition to chiropractic, is the diagnosis of lameness and sports medicine problems, as well as conservative therapy for dogs and cats. This includes the use of regenerative medicine, therapeutic injection therapies in joints, tendons and muscles and last but not least the rehabilitation of patients. For many years she has been an expert in diagnostic ultrasound, using it for accurate diagnoses in the musculoskeletal system and also for ultrasound-assisted injection therapies.

In addition to her curative work, she has been a speaker in various fields for many years and is involved in research and teaching.

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