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Additional Events

Modern rehabilitation science & techniques

In addition to the recurring modules I – IV of our ABnR Course Series, the academy hosts further events to offer post-graduade insights into modern rehabilitation science & techniques.

These additional events are independent of the “ABnR Certified Practitioner” certification and can be booked by interested veterinary professionals, as well as members of our ABnR certification programm.

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Upcoming Additional Events

Post-graduade insights into modern rehabilitation science & techniques

Neural Therapy

This short course will provide you with the basic theory and practice to treat horses with neural therapy. You will learn about the mechanisms behind the treatment method, get treatment protocols for specific disease patterns and you will be able to practice some of the techniques on human and equine patients

Speakers: Dr. Christine Fuchs

Event date: 09. Juni 2023 (right before the start of “Myofascial Triggerpoint Course”)
Booking status: open for bookings

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Myofascial Triggerpoint Course – Dry Needling & Pain Release

This intense course will provide the theoretical background about the fascinating connective tissue fascia and the myofascial pain syndrome with its signs and symptoms.
In the practical sessions you will learn how to identify myofascial trigger points and how to treat them manually, with shockwave systems and with dry needling.

Speakers: Dr. Sinja Guth / Dr. Hannes Müller-Ehrenberg

Event date: 09. – 11. Juni 2023 (ATF approved: 17 hours / IVCA approved: 17 hours)
Booking status: open for bookings

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The Art & Science of Spinal Manipulation Therapy for The Advanced Practioner

Have you ever wondered if over adjusting could influence the body´s stability? Or about the importance of extremity adjusting and the neurological implications behind it? Could less adjusting be more in effect? And if so, how do we determine, where to adjust?

Two outstanding experts in their fields will bring together cutting edge knowledge and teach us what we already know from human and animal science and how to transfer this knowledge into our daily work. Furthermore, your own skills will be supported and trained through cutting-edge high tech training methods assisted by an enthusiastic group of sports scientists of the University of Münster (GER). 

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Kevin Haussler, DC Gertjan van Koert (BSc (Hons), MSc)

Course date: 25. – 27. August 2023 (ATF hours/IVCA hours submitted)
Booking status: open for booking – strictly limited seats!

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