Dr. Anna Ehrle

Speaker – ABnR Academy

  • Specialist in Equine Medicine and Surgery
  • Additional designation in veterinary equestrian sports supervision
  • Chiropractor (IAVC)

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About Dr. Anna Ehrle

European Specialist in Equine Surgery

Following graduation in 2010 Anna completed a clinical internship at the equine hospital, Freie Universität Berlin before she moved to North Devon, UK to work in mixed and equine practice. After she finished her residency in equine surgery at Leahurst equine hospital, University of Liverpool in 2017, she moved back to Berlin to take a position as an equine surgeon with a keen interest in equine orthopaedics and sports medicine. Anna became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeon in 2018 and a Diplomate of the European College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2021. Her current research is mainly focussed on disorders of the equine thoracolumbar spine as well as structure and innervation of equine tendons and ligaments.

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