Equine Chiropractic – Module III (29. Nov -01. Dec 2024)

Cranium and Cervical Spine (C+C)

Course date: 29. November - 01. December 2024
Venue:   Tierklinik Lüsche GmbH
Module:   Equine Chiropractic Basic Course - Module III
Course leaders/responsibles: Dr. Nadine Blum and Dr. Julia Rohrbach – ABnR

Course Fees:   1.300,00 €

Equine Chiropractic – Module III: Details

Modules can be booked individually. However, only successfully attending the whole course will enables you to qualify as ‚ABnR certified Equine Chiropractor´ and modules should preferably be taken in chronological order.

The general booking conditions apply.
You can find them here: Booking Terms & Conditions

Please arrange transportation and accommodation bookings with cancellation possibilities in case of unexpected changes.

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