Equine – Module II – Physiologie & Training

To provide optimal care for our patients a ‘big picture‘ holistic approach is required. Not only trainings physiology and routines need to be understood, but follow up training, specific nutrition as well as training equipment to enable core strengthening and proprioceptive improvement for our four- and two-legged athletes!
Next Course Date:   21. – 23. April 2023 Venue:   Tierklinik Lüsche GmbH and Hotel Wiesengrund Dinklage Module:   Equine - Module II Course Fees:   850,00 €

Equine – Module II: Details

  • the physiology of training: training with stimuli, interval training, rest periods, nutrition and supplements
  • muscle physiology, development and performance
  • riding is the most common training method for horses: how can we optimize?
  • what do we have to consider? Biomechanics, self-carriage, engagement and proprioception, muscle health and strength and functional stabilization in our patients
  • lunging can support other forms of rehabilitation and training: what are the pros and cons of specific lunging programs such as Equikinetic® or Schiefentherapie® ?
  • pole work, lunging equipment, side reins, therabands, stabilization trainers, proprioceptive mats, vibration therapy
  • general equipment evaluation in theory and practice: focussing on key points of a well fitting saddle and bridle respectively collar and harness
This module is a prerequisite for certification as ABnR certified Rehabilitation Practitioner (Equine). The module can also be booked independently of the Academy certification program.
The general booking conditions apply. You can find them here: Booking Terms & Conditions

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