Equine – Module I – Applied Biomechanics

A thorough understanding of a patients biomechanics is essential for correct treatment decisions. Functional asymmetry versus lameness – where do we draw the line? We will introduce technical devices we can utilize for an objective evaluation and discuss common compensatory patterns and their influence on the musculoskeletal system.
Next Course Date:   2024 course dates coming soon Venue:   Tierklinik Lüsche GmbH Module:   Equine - Module I Course Fees:   850,00 €

Equine – Module I: Details

  • equine and canine biomechanics, clinical implications and case reports
  • subjective and objective gait analysis in theory and practice
  • functional lameness examination and interconnection between school medicine and integrative therapy
  • common orthopedic diseases connected to functional disorders in sports dogs and equine athletes
This module is a prerequisite for certification as ABnR certified Rehabilitation Practitioner (Equine). The module can also be booked independently of the Academy certification program.
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